Welcome to Easternview Resolve Clinic

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If you are interested in improving your health, feeling better about yourself, realising your potential or perhaps you feel the medical path is just not solving the problem and you want to change how you feel about your life then Easternview Resolve Clinic may be just what you are looking for.

For health


Our focus is to look beyond the symptoms to determine and resolve what set up them up and why they linger, to provide the opportunity to improve or regain health and vitality.

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For change


When your natural healing ability is enhanced, your health and wellbeing is improved, enabling you to live the life you want, free to express who you are without limitations.

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For life


Choose to do more than just surviving from day to day; by overcoming life's hurdles and issues that are holding you back you can realise your potential and achieve true quality of life.

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About Us

Located in Wollongong, NSW, Easternview Resolve Clinic is focused on providing quality natural health services aimed at resolving issues and stresses for improvements in health and wellbeing.

As Resolve Practitioners we have a firm foundation in a number of natural health modalities including Chinese Medicine, Kinesiology and counseling.

With an emphasis on unresolved trauma and experiences, we work with physical, emotional, mental and energy issues affecting health.


A new path to health

A unique and cutting edge approach to natural health that provides real solutions

New possibilities

Opportunities to find your heart's purpose and to move forward in your life


1A natural approach without medication that looks to the origin of the problem offering real solutions not just band aids.

2From newborns to nineties, anyone at any stage of their life has the potential to benefit at Easternview Resolve Clinic.

3Builds awareness and understanding of our response to stressful experiences, enabling positive improvement.

Your health, your life, the natural way


    Have clear thinking and direction, remove the limitations and roadblocks to expressing who you are, make positive and noticeable changes in how you think and feel.  Move past just surviving to being happy, healthy and living the life that you want.  If any of these appeal to you then Easternview Resolve Clinic may be just  the answer you have  been looking for.


    Often we feel we are just a passenger on the "medical bus", destined to go  down the path of intervention, medication and surgery. At Easternview Resolve Clinic you are a participant in the healing journey, you can feel empowered by taking your steps and making your decisions about your health direction.  Understanding and awareness of your own situation and how you got to where you are can have a huge effect on your ability to move forward.

  • "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." Lao Tzu

    Easternview Resolve Clinic works with...

    Trauma, Shock & Grief

    Accidents, tragedy, grief, unexpected shock, traumatic experiences and more.  If these remain unresolved they can have a significant and lasting effect on your  health and your life.

    Physical Problems

    Injuries, pain, skin problems, inflammation, headaches, back problems, stomach and digestive distress, reproductive problems or any physical problems that persist.

    Emotional Issues

    Stress, anxiety, emotional instability, sadness, feeling fragile, inability to cope, anger, frustration, bullying, overwhelm or just feeling that things aren't quite "right".

    Psychological Issues

    Depression, anxiety and panic (including panic attacks), insomnia, busy minds and mental chatter, mental confusion, self-esteem and identity issues, negative self talk and more.

    Behavioural Issues

    Anxiety, phobias and phobic behaviour, addiction and dependency, compulsive or destructive behaviours or any other limiting behaviours you would like to change for the better.

    Life Challenges

    Relationship breakdowns and divorce, job loss, life direction, financial strain, work issues, home life issues, dealing with family/parents/children or an inability to move forward in life.