NT Kinesiology

Welcome to Easternview Recuperation Centre. If you are interested in improving your health, feeling better about yourself, realising your potential or you just want to change how you feel about your life then NT Kinesiology may be just what you are looking for.

NT Kinesiology taps into the body's unique ability to heal itself, removing road blocks towards true and lasting health and well-being. It takes an holistic approach, dealing with the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual issues that prevent us from expressing our true selves. Read more about NT Kinesiology.

Improve Your Health

Often it is when you can't find solutions through the usual medical model that you start to look for alternatives. Many people don't like to take medications and are looking for a more natural approach to improving their health. Or it may be that you really can't define what the problem is, you just know that you don't feel "right".

Feel Better About Yourself

Understanding why we do the things we do, what influences our behaviours and making positives steps towards change can all effect how we feel about ourselves. This is about building and maintaining self-esteem and confidence and becoming more aware of ourselves.

Realise Your Potential

Being able to not only see the opportunities to grow but to also realise your dreams is an exciting aspect of Neuro-Kinesiology. Identify and overcome the barriers to your success, eliminate negativity, spread your wings and fly.

The Recuperation Process

Stresses, traumas, injuries, unresolved grief, emotional problems - all the things that limit our health use up our energy while we trying to cope with them. NT Kinesiology can facilitate the resolution of these limitations and as you clear your  limitations and stresses you can regain energy for further recuperation. Read more about the Recuperation Process.

All This and More

NT Kinesiology is solution

 oriented and integrative rather than problem driven and singular.  We look at what is causing the problem (or symptom) and then seek to address that rather than masking the problem (symptom).  We hope you find this site interesting as well as informative.  If you have any comments, feedback or would like more information, please contact us.